The Riders' Directory will help you to find farriers, stables, tack stores, veterinarians, and other horse-related businesses throughout Atlantic Canada. Navigate through this directory by geographic area and business type. Is your favourite business listed? If not, please let us know.

Stables - New Brunswick

Ammon Stables 506-383-6008 472 Ammon Rd Moncton
Ara-Li Acres 506-433-5725 222 Route 870, Colina NB E5P 1P8
Ashton Ridge Equestrian Centre 506-386-2596 711 Pine Glen Rd, Pine Glen, NB E1J S1
At Home Stables 506-363-2606 938 Route 616, Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1T3
Barrys Riding Stable 506-773-7625 309 North Napan Rd, Miramichi, NB
Bayview Training Stable 506-833-4894 150 Big Salmon River Rd, St Martins, NB E0G 2Z0
Ben-Adhem Arabians 506-433-4756 51 Cougle Rd, Sussex Corner, NB E4E 2S5
BirchGrove Stables 506-532-5086 3174 Route 134, Shediac Cape, NB E4P 3H7
Blarney Creek Farm 506-756-2505 Petitcodiac NB
Broadleaf Guest Ranch 506-882-2349 5526 Route 114, Hopewell Hill NB E4H 3N5
Brookfield Stables 506-849-0256 30 Upper Golden Grove Rd, Saint John, NB E2S 2X8
Butternut Stables 506-832-3219 18 Robertson Rd, Hampton NB E5N 6N9
Callander Hall Equestrian Center 506-455-4544 1184 Route 101, Nasonworth, NB
Carmaz Stables 506-372-4163 45933 Homestead Rd, Riverglade NB E4Z 6J4
Charlridge Morgans 506-758-6243 PO Box  29001 Moncton NB E1C 9N5
Donald's Stables 506-468-2417 7700 Rte 102, Lower Greenwich, Brown's Flat, NB E5K 4G5
Double D Stables 506-622-0621 Douglasfield
Double Diamond Stables 506-384-8922 253 Scotch Settlement Rd, Irishtown NB, E1H 1R2
Galbraith's Stables 506-468-2953 7678 Route 102, Lower Greenwich (Brown's Flat) NB E5K 4G5
Geary Hill Stables Ltd 506-357-8229 Geary
Glowing Forge Farm 506-488-2311 / 506-447-0575 PO Box 3682, Stn B Fredericton NB E3A 5L7
Hillandale Stables 506-757-8406 Grand-Bay Westfield, NB
Hilltop Stables 506-672-3132 6 Equestrian Ct, Saint John, NB
HoldFast Farm 506-466-2090 88 Sawyer Rd Tower Hill  NB E5A 2R6
Horizon Farm 506-839-2220 284 Riverview Drive, Norton, NB  E5T 1A9
Horsefeathers Farm 506-372-4026 PO Box 186, 2563 Rte 112, Salisbury NB E0A 3E0
HorseWorld Stables 506-452-0040 Royal Road, Fredericton, NB
Ibriz Arabians 506-756-3875 2271 Route 890, Cornhill, NB  E4Z 1B5
Jorrock Stables 506-696-7156 25 Jorrock Ln, Saint John NB
Kennedy Stables 506-647-0440 Bloomfield NB
Kerr Ridge Riding Stables 506-529-4698 St. Andrews, NB
Lakewood Stables 506-696-7920 Hillcrest Rd, Saint John, NB
Lobo Stables 506-277-6328 5 McGann, Woodstock NB
LTDD Stables 506-575-8164 410 Route 105, Nackawic, NB E6G 1T8
Maple Leaf Icelandic Horse Farm 506-523-4480 RR 1 Upper Rexton NB
Maple Miniatures 506-833-6240 280 West Quaco Rd, St. Martins NB E5R 1N3
Maple Meadow Morgans 506-433-5141 36 Hardy Ave Sussex Corner NB E4E 3B2
Meadow View Morgans 506-756-2987 800 Route 885, Intervale, NB E4Z 4Y7
Meadow View Stables 506-357-2056 361 Sunpoke Rd, Rusagonis, NB E3B 8X9
Melbrook Morgans 506-832-5515 63 McManus St, Passekeag, NB E5N 7S3
Mountain Brook Stables 506-826-2992 48 Mountain Brook Rd, Charlo, NB
North Wind Stables 506-756-9007 519 Blakney Rd, Fawcett Hill, NB E4Z 2V6
Oak Farm Quarter Horses & Kennels 506-383-8374 323 Scotch Settlement Rd, Irishtown, NB E1C 8W6
Pinehill Stable 506-372-4939 2567 Route 106, Boundary Creek NB E1G 4M1
Pineview Stables 506-773-6540 931 Russellville Rd, Russellville (Miramichi), NB E1V 7G3
River Breeze Farms 506-387-4447 1381 Route 114, Lower Coverdale, NB E1J 1C5
Rockwood Park Stables 506-633-7659 Saint John
Rocky Valley Paint Farms 506-463-8199 1102 Central Hainesville Rd, Central Hainesville, NB E6E 1J8
Rohirrim Farm 506-454-1203 50 Kingsley Rd, Estey's Bridge, NB E3A 6E3
Rosevale Stables 506-756-8237 Box 3150, RR 3, Petiticodiac NB
Saddle Tramp Stables 506-843-7994 512 Lockstead Rd Lockstead NB E9B 1L8
Saddlebrook Equine Center Inc 506-383-4676 47977 Homestead Rd, Lutes Mountain NB
San-Dee Stables
506-876-4399 or 506-743-3899
960 St-Charles North
St-Charles NB
E4W 4T4
Sheffield Stables 506-756-1110 Petitcodiac NB
Silverwood Arabians 506-459-7284 2575 Woodstock Rd, Fredericton, NB E3C 1R1
Sleepy Hollow Stables 506-357-6317 375 Sunpoke Rd, Rusagonis, NB E3B 8X9
South Stream Farm Boarding Stable 506-459-5766 155 O'Leary Rd, Beaver Dam, NB E3B 7V9
Spent Penny Ranch 506-367-1908 1531 Hwy 107, Williamsburg, NB E6B 1W3
Springbrook Stables 506-372-4006 46934 Homestead Rd, Steeves Mountain, NB E1G 4P1
Springwater Stables 506-384-5935 253 Ammon Rd, Ammon, NB
Spruce Hollow Corral 506-852-3159 199 Lutes Rd, Steeves Mountain, NB E1G 3X8
Sterling Creek Stables 506-450-3929 54 Burpee St, Noonan, NB E3A 7A2
Sunset Stables 506-529-4810 84 Riverview Dr, Bayside NB E5B 2Y6
Tio Lane Stables 506-756-8215 Petitcodiac NB
Wayne McLaughlin Arabians 506-529-4348 84 Clibrig Extension Rd, Chamcook NB E5B 3G9
Windy Cove Stables 506-743-6369 PO Box 248 Buctouche NB E0A 1G0
Windy River Stables 506-758-2387 RR # 1, Dorchester NS E0A 1M0
Woodhaven Stables 506-854-8608 127 Briggs Cross Rd, Moncton NB
Valleyview Paint Stables 506-758-0190 / 506-383-0538 PO Box 388, St. Joseph NB E0A 2Y0

Stables - Newfoundland & Labrador

Beaver Brook Stables 709-364-6398 PO Box 239, Goulds, NL A1S 1G4
Cache Rapids Stable 709-635-5224 Reidville, NL
Clovelly Riding Stables Ltd 709-739-4841 Logy Bay, St John's, NL
Flood's Stable 709-489-1990 181 Grenfell Hgts, Grand Falls NL A2A 2J2
Holiday Farms 709-744-3266 Upper Gullies, Conception Bay South, NL
King's Ranch 709-895-3566 St. John's, NL
Seaside Stables Ltd 709-334-3701 Witless Bay, NL
Timberline Appaloosas 709-635-2714 Box 22, Site 22, RR 2, Deer Lake NL A0K 2E0

Stables - Nova Scotia

Acacia Farm 902-562-2021 295 Coxheath Rd, Sydney NS B1R 1R8
Aircourt Quarter Horses 902-758-3802 Shubenacadie, NS
Ashlyn Equestrian Centre 902-883-8678 or 902-883-8846 1004 Highway 214, Belnan Hants County NS B0N 1M0
Ashwood Stables 902-644-3509 New Germany, NS
Atlantic Equestrian Centre 902-865-1142 Beaverbank, Lower Sackville NS
Baxters' Cattle Company 902-679-2879 3326 Lovett Road, Coldbrook, NS B4N 3V7
Bayview Stables 902-275-5305 298 Route 14, Exit 8 off Hwy103 Box 658 Chester NS B0J 1J0
Beaver Dam Farm Fjord Horses 902-386-2304 RR 7, Pomquet, Antigonish County, NS B2G 2L4
Bello-Crest Farm 902-662-4083 623 Onslow Mountain Rd, Truro, NS B2N 5B4
Bittersweet Stables 902-761-2317 RR 2, 225 Gardners Mill Rd, South Ohio, NS B0W 3E0
Blue Hills Farm 902-685-3134 RR 6 Bridgewater NS B4N 2W5
Bona Morgans 902-678-4431 Lakeville, NS B4N 3V7
Boulderwood Stables 902-499-9138 Ardoise, NS
Bowlin Farms 902-865-2073 92 Walker Service Rd, Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2P7
Briarwood Farm 902-866-1198 Mount Uniacke NS
Bron-Yr-Aur Farms Inc 902-757-0337 200 Lynch Rd, Brooklyn, Hants Co, NS B0N 2A0
Camden Stables 902-893-4926 Camden, Truro NS
Canaancroft 902-757-0388 RR 1, Newport, NS B0N 2A0
Countryside Stables 902-883-9267 Elmsdale NS
Cowboy Country 902-847-9051 RR 1 Aylesford NS B0P 1C0
Crosby Stables 902-798-4234 996 Falmouth Rd, Windsor, NS
Crystal Creek Quarter Horses 902-538-1567 Box 54, 1050 Maple St, Waterville NS B0P 1V0
Dalneigh Riding Centre 902-543-1196 1218 Lower Branch Rd, Bridgewater, NS B4V 2V9
Deepwater Farm 902-582-7059 Wolfville NS B0P 1X0
Diamond M Ranch 902-532-5724 Annapolis Royal, NS B0S 1A0
Dykeland Equestrian Centre 902-542-3054 PO Box 31 Grand Pre, NS B0P 1M0
East Coast Quarter Horses 902-752-1700 Munroe Av Ext, New Glasgow NS
Ebony Morgans 902-794-2913 Balls Creek, RR 1 North Sydney NS B2A 3L7
Echo Hill Stables 902-757-1963 202 Lynch Rd, RR 1, Ellershouse, NS B0N 1L0
Equidae Farm Ltd 902-479-1824 Halifax, NS
Equine Excellence 902-866-3111 Mount Uniacke NS
Evangeline Trail Rides 902-582-3365
Fairwind Farm Equestrian Centre 902-386-2200 RR 7 Antigonish NS B2G 2L4
Fall River Stables 902-860-1706 Fall River, Waverley NS
Gallant's Western Riding 902-667-5712 830 MacDonald Rd, Amherst, NS
Galloway Stables Port Howe, NS
Gentle Creek Farm 902-757-1607 RR 1, Newport, NS B0N 2A0
Greenwood Saddle Club 902-765-2310 RR # 6, Kingston, NS B0P 1R0
Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers 902-425-2258 1690 Bell Rd, Halifax NS
Harbour View Stable 902-868-1457 53 Sable Rd, Ketch Harbour NS B3V 1N4
Hearthstone Equestrian 902-925-2840 RR 3, Saltsprings, NS B0K 1P0
Herb Best Quarter Horses 902-752-6415 RR 2 New Glasgow, NS B2H 5C5
Hidden Acres Farm 902-384-2236 Cook's Brook, NS
High Meadow Quarter Horses 902-538-0670
3180 Prospect Rd, RR 1, Cambridge, NS B0P 1G0
Hillside Stables   Comeauville, NS B0W 1M0
Hobby Horse Farm 902-679-4538 PO Box 295, Kentville, NS B4N 3X1
Homestead Farm 902-758-2273 2050 Indian Rd, MacPhees Corner, Shubenacadie, NS B0N 2H0
Hoofbeat Hill Stables 902-384-2266 6170, RR 3, Middle Musquodoboit, NS B0N 1X0
Horse Haven Farms 902-883-0038 7552 Highway 14, Elmsdale, NS
Horse Power Hotel 902-657-0424 7390 Hwy 311, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0
Isner's Stables Trail Rides 902-477-5043 Harrietsfield, NS
Kevin Wile Performance Horses 902-798-4775 Falmouth, NS
Kingsridge Equestrian Centre 902-542-4481 1299 Ridge Rd, Wolfville NS B0P 1X0
Krymsun Farms/Herb Best Quarter Horses 902-752-6415 Exit 25, RR 2, New Glasgow, NS B2H 5C5
Lylewood Farm 902-864-3344
5 Lylewood Drive Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3B1
M.W.'s Tack Shop & Riding Stable 902-467-3971 RR 1, Bear River, Digby County, NS B0S 1B0
Mandala Riding & Awareness Center 902-665-2101 157 Arlington Rd. W., RR 2, Hampton, NS B0S 1L0
Mandel Arabians 902-825-4974 RR2 Middleton NS B0S 1P0
Marshview Farm Equestrian Centre 902-757-0251 1121 Woodville Rd, RR 3, Newport, NS B0N 2A0
McInnis Quarter Horses 902-685-2436 RR 6 Bridgewater, Chelsea NS B4V 2W5
Meadow Pond Stables 902-354-4550 222 West St, Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0
Medway Pines Stables 902-677-2390 Mill Village, NS
Morning Starr Stables 902-893-1796 Truro, NS
Nightmare Quarter Horses 902-825-2785 RR 1, Margaretville, NS B0S 1N0
Ohio Lake Equestrian Centre 902-863-6845 RR 1 Ohio East, Antigonish, NS B2G 2K8
Opportunity Farm 902-897-6854 1558 Onslow Mountain Rd, Truro NS
Past Times Farm 902-928-2244 New Glasgow, NS B2H 5C5
Pinehill Equestrian Centre 902-465-4746 179 Gaston Rd Ext, Dartmouth NS
Pipers Glen Fjords 902-248-2893 Box 28, S.W. Margaree, NS B0E 3H0
Porter's Equine Center 902-639-2832 16 Meadow View Drive, Stewiacke, NS B0N 2H0
R Stables 902-798-4561 1683 Highway #1, Falmouth NS B0P 1L0
Redwood Stables 902-539-5529 1806 Coxheath Rd, Sydney, NS
Rhaman Equestrian Services 902-883-2964 18 Garden Rd, Belnan, Hants County, NS B2S 2N3
River Ranch 902-678-1698 RR 2, Cambridge, NS B0P 1G0
Rose Briar Farm 902-758-3982 Site 15b, Comp 5, RR 1, Milford, NS B0N 1Y0
Sky Valley Farm 902-825-6605 RR 3, Middleton NS B0S 1P0
Sport Horse Leasing 902-798-8864 680 New Ross Rd, Leminster, RR 3, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Standfast Farms 902-632-2651 2651 Route 202 East Gore RR 1 Elmsdale NS B0N 1M0
Sumac Farms 902-755-4224 7480 Pictou Landing Road
SunnyBrae Arabians 902-923-2518 SunnyBrae, Pictou County, NS
Sunrise Stable 902-794-8359 North Sydney, NS
Sweets Horse Centre RR#2 Hwy 221 7123 Centreville NS BOP 1J0
Sunrise Stables 902-893-8358 Greenfield NS
Wilinnis Quarter Horses 902-545-2067 RR # 1, Lower Maccan, NS
Windcroft Irish Sport Horses 902-485-8396 Scotsburn, NS
Windgate Horse Farm 902-861-2279 Windsor Junction, NS
Windrose Farm 902-633-2628 General Delivery, Summerville, NS B0N 2K0

Stables - Prince Edward Island

Birch Lane Farm Inc 902-368-1113 Milton, PEI
Black River Farm 902-566-5269 RR 9, Winsloe, PEI C1N 3Z3
Confederation View Stables 902-437-3288 North Carleton, PEI
Country Lane Stables 902-569-3139 PO Box 3307, Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N9
Hunter Valley Farm 902-368-1501 RR 9, Winsloe PEI C1E 1Z3
Little C's Ranch 902-854-2662 RR 2, St. Nicholas PEI
Little Pond Ranch 902-836-31000 RR 6 Kensington PEI C0B 1M0
Livingstone Stables 902-894-8032 230 MacRae Dr, Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7J7
Maple Hill Quarter Horses 902-675-2942 1131 New Argyle Rd, PEI
Meadowside Stables 902-888-2568 Wilmot, PEI
Top Line Stables 902-543-8380
Venture Stables 902-887-2753 RR 2, Freetown, PEI C0B 1L0
Wild Wind Equestrian Centre 902-436-7251 Summerside, PEI
Winsloe Equestrian Centre 902-368-2500 RR 9, Winsloe, PEI C1E 1Z3



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